Pink Eye or Other Minor Eye Problems

Pink Eye Treatment

Diagnosis & Treatment for Eye Conditions

Conjunctivitis – or as most people know it, pink eye – is an easily treatable inflammation of the clear, thin membranes that cover the whites of your eyes and the insides of your eyelids. It occurs most often in children, but can also affect adults. Pink eye can be either infectious or noninfectious: Infectious pink eye is highly contagious and caused by bacteria or viruses, while noninfectious pinkeye is caused by allergies, inflammatory disease, or chemical or physical irritation.

Symptoms of pink eye include:

  • Itchy or painful eye
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Discharge, often a thick yellow or green substance
  • Swollen lymph nodes near the ears

Because pink eye can be extremely contagious and uncomfortable, visit a Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, or West Palm Beach as soon as possible if you notice any of these symptoms. If the pink eye is bacterial, topical antibiotics in the form of eye drops will be needed to fight the infection. If other cold or flu-like symptoms – such as a cough or a runny nose – are present, they are likely caused by the same bacteria as the pink eye, and oral antibiotics may be needed.

Other Eye Conditions

Pink eye is not the only ocular problem you or your child may experience.

Other common eye problems include:

  • Itchy or scaly eyelids (blepharitis)
  • A small, hard lump on eyelids (a stye or chalazion)
  • Infection of inner edge of lower eyelid (dacryocytitis)
  • Inflammation of the uvea, the eye’s middle layer (uveitis)
  • Dry eyes

These conditions are generally easily treatable, especially in the early stages. Our convenient walk-in care will ensure that your eye condition is addressed promptly to prevent further problems.