Minor Burns

Minor Burns

Immediate Treatment to Protect Your Skin

Whether you were cooking, lighting candles, handling hazardous chemicals, tinkering with electronics, or sitting out in the sun too long, you could have been burned and now have to deal with an uncomfortable, painful skin condition. Minor burns are usually not serious, but you should know the signs of a serious burn in case you need immediate medical treatment.

The symptoms accompanying each type of burn are as follows:

  • First-degree: redness, no blisters
  • Second-degree: redness, blisters, slightly thickened skin
  • Third-degree: thickened skin that looks white and leathery
  • Fourth-degree: the symptoms of third-degree burn plus damage to the tendons and bones beneath the skin

Though serious third-degree burns pose more a greater risk than first- and second-degree burns, all burns make patients susceptible to bacterial infections like tetanus. Mild burns will likely heal on their own, but our team can ensure that the burn does not lead to further health issues or complications. Third- and fourth-degree burns should be treated at the emergency room.

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